For The Boys

Okay guys, I know all those products your wives and girlfriends keep in the bathroom probably aren't going to make it into your grooming routine. Most guys refer to those as wasteful, smelly, or “girly.” But, you too can benefit from a little personal care. Although we don't like to admit it, physical appearance plays a big role in the way others perceive us ““ and, you deserve to look and feel good too. Here is a brief roundup of products to introduce you gently to the new and growing male personal care product scene.

In case you haven't heard already, sunscreen is a must ““ and that doesn't just apply to your kids. You should ideally use sunscreen every day, at least on your face.

This daily moisturizer by Clinique is a multi-purpose facial moisturizer with UVA/UVB sun protection to help defend against future damage, target lines and wrinkles and replenish moisture lost from shaving.
Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense Hydrator SPF 15, $35; major retailers.

Lightweight in texture Dermaglow 70 SPF Body Mist is readily absorbed and has a sheer, non-greasy feel unlike most high SPF products. The non-aerosol container sprays freely and easily from any angle as a result of its uniquely designed single pump continuous spray, which utilizes “Bag in Can” technology making it simple to reapply throughout the day.
Dermaglow 70 SPF Body Mist, $27.50; major retailers.

Shaving is a must so you may as well indulge a little. Edwin Jagger is the pre-eminent manufacturer of wet shaving accessories, producing an extensive selection of fine badger hair shaving brushes, razors and sets in Sheffield, England. Badger hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the best shaving brushes. The cost of a brush reflects the quality and quantity of hair used. Exquisitely designed razors use the Gillette Fusion and Gillette Mach3 blades to create products that perform as well as look fantastic on the bathroom counter.
Edwin Jagger faux ivory three piece shaving set, $360; Saltridges, Burlington.

As we age our skin begins to require additional moisture. This can be especially important to men if the skin becomes irritated by shaving. A skincare routine can be incredibly simple. Just find a cleanser and moisturizer that you like the look, scent and feel of and try to use them everyday.

The Cor skincare line has a philosophy of providing hassle-free, one step solutions for healthy skin. The line uses a patented nano-silver formula with silica that acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent and speeds cell repair.
Cor Silver Anytime Moisturizer, $127.50; Silver Eye Cream, $129; Silver Service Treatment for the Face, $129; and Cleansing Soap, $125; Saltridges, Burlington.

To help prepare your skin and improve your shave, Clinique has introduced a face scrub to help get a perfect smooth, close shave.
Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Face Scrub, $20; major retailers.

An entire range of products has been introduced by Clarins including cleansing, hydrating, shaving and anti-aging products as well as specialty “SOS” treatments. The Clarinsmen line utilizes unique active ingredients with powerful energizing, soothing, purifying and firming properties.  

Two-in-one exfoliating gel removes impurities as it gently polishes, promoting clean, smooth, healthy-looking skin. Use once or twice a week for clear, healthy-looking skin.
Clarinsmen Active Face Scrub, $32; major retailers.

An energizing gel that helps boosts tired-looking skin, eliminate a dull appearance and provide the moisturization necessary to prevent signs of aging.
Clarinsmen Revitalizing Gel, $48; major retailers.

Offers an intense refreshing effect to soothe razor burn while purifying and reducing the feel of “hot skin.”
Clarinsmen After Shave Energizer, $32; major retailers.