How to add fall colours into your makeup look

By Allie Murray

Great makeup happens best when you step out of your comfort zone. Easier said than done, we know. Fall, however, is the perfect time to try new things thanks to the wide selection of beautiful colours introduced this season. Why not explore the endless possibilities for a gorgeous autumn-toned makeup look?

A quick and easy fall update is to switch your shade of lipstick. While the go-to for many may be changing from a coral shade to a mauve shade, try to embrace a wider spectrum of vibrant fall colours such as an orange-toned red shade, a berry, or a plum.

For real drama, play up the eyes. Adding burnt-orange or burgundy to an eyeshadow look can be intimidating. When trying out new and darker shades, it’s best to start small. Add a deep brown to the outer corner of your eye, or a mid-toned brown to the middle of your eyelid. For a bolder look, try an orange smokey eye. Begin with a lighter orange in the crease of your eyelid, and gradually build up with a deeper tone each time, blending it out to your outer corner and eyelid.

A simple way to create a bolder fall look is to use all matte shades in an eyeshadow look. Matte browns and burgundies are perfect for fall and make your eyeshadow look flawless and seasonally inspired. For a funky cat-eye look, add a brown or black liquid liner.