Grilled Calamari with Lemon Sauce

– courtesy Fraticelli's, Burlington

Grilled Calamari with Lemon Sauce

For the Lemon Sauce:
½ oz white wine
½ oz chicken stock
½ oz lemon juice

Combine wine, stock and juice and set aside.

For the Calamari:
2 tubes fresh calamari
1 oz olive oil
1 garlic clove
1 oz red onion
1½ oz yellow peppers
1 oz red peppers 
2 oz diced tomatoes
4 Kalamata olives
Fresh chopped parsley
Fresh dried oregano
Grilled lemon wheel
Salt & pepper to taste

Slice calamari tubes 90 per cent of the way through, leaving the calamari attached and fan out.

Place calamari in mixing bowl with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. 

Place calamari on clean grill and char. 

In a saute pan over medium heat place vegetable portion, 4 black olives torn in half, ½ oz of olive oil.

Sauté for two minutes.

Add dried oregano, chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, lemon sauce.

Take calamari off grill and add to sauté pan and mix with other ingredients.

On a long plate, place the vegetables down the centre of the plate.

Top with calamari saving the heads and tentacles and placing them in the centre of fanned calamari rings.

Garnish with grilled lemon wedge.