BOOKS: May/June 2016

Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria: The Designer Behind the Most Beautiful Furniture in the World
edited by Pierre Léonforte

Chief editor for the City Guides Louis Vuitton and contributor to Architectural Digest, Marie Claire Maison and Vanity Fair, Pierre Léonforte gives us a look into the work and world of Romeo Sozzi, the designer responsible for the stunning handmade Promemoria line of furniture in Romeo Sozzi and Promemoria: The Designer Behind the Most Beautiful Furniture in the World. Beginning with his historical family home located on the banks of Lake Como, readers will peruse the spaces where Sozzi works, the space where he holds his legendary dinners and admire his collection. Sozzi's work embodies the epitome of the refined Italian lifestyle and this book presents the luxurious interiors that embody his passion, refined taste and eclecticism. Available June 7.

Turkish Fire: Street Food and Barbecue from the Wild Heart of Turkey
by Sevtap Yí¼ce

Sevtap Yí¼ce was only eight years old when she began cooking in her native Turkey. Later, as an adult, she refined her skills under the eye of international cookbook and television personality Bill Granger, then transforming her experience into a quieter life as the owner of The Beechwood Café in Australia. Now launching her third cookbook, Turkish Fire: Street Food and Barbecue from the Wild Heart of Turkey, Yí¼ce celebrates the vibrant food, culture and people of Turkey through 100 mouth-watering recipes. With a heavy focus on authentic street food and barbecue, Turkish Fire captures the fiery spirit of street food culture in Istanbul and Ankara and teaches readers how to recreate these unique flavours in their own kitchens. Available May 31.

Batch: Over 200 Recipes, Tips and Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen
by Joel MacCharles & Dana Harrison

Joel MacCharles and Dana Harrison, the Canadian duo behind the popular blog, have released their first cookbook with Batch: Over 200 Recipes, Tips and Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen. Striving to make good food accessible regardless of budget, time or kitchen size, MacCharles and Harrison showcase seven different preserving techniques including canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, fermenting, cellaring, curing and infusing. From asparagus, peaches, blueberries and raspberries to beans, cabbage, chillies and a variety of meat and fish, Batch teaches you how to get the most out of your ingredients and your kitchen.

Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in Their Own Words
Written by Pamela Golbin, Illustrated by Yann Legendre

Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in Their Own Words gives a glimpse into the life, design and inspiration of some of the world's designers of haute couture. Pamela Golbin, the acclaimed chief curator of 20th century fashion and textiles at Paris's Musée des Arts Décoratifs, has compiled the original words of late couturiers like Yves Saint Laurent, Cristí³bal Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen into conversations that highlight their compelling personal stories and essential fashion moments. Other designers include Madeleine Vionnet, Gabrielle Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jeanne Lanvin, Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior, Madame Grí¨s and Paul Poiret alongside striking illustrations from internationally recognized illustrator Yann Legendre. Available June 14.

Modern Lovers
by Emma Straub

New York Times bestselling author Emma Straub introduces a novel full of humour and insight with the release of Modern Lovers. Friends and former bandmates Elizabeth, Andrew and Zoe are nearing their fifties and have watched each other grow up, marry, buy real estate and start families, all landing within the same neighbourhood deep within gentrified Brooklyn. But nothing has aged them like having to suddenly pass the torches of life onto their own offspring. The summer that their children reach maturity ““ and start sleeping together ““ the trio of friends watch as the fabric of their adult lives suddenly begins to unravel, bringing secrets and revelations to life that explore the myriad aspects of life from ambition and pleasure to the excitement of youth, the shock of middle age and the fact that your passions never go away, but rather grow and evolve with us. Available May 31.

LaRose: A Novel
by Louise Erdrich

Bestselling, National Book Award-winning author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Louise Erdrich returns with a powerful tale that explores the meaning of loss, justice and the reparation of the human heart in LaRose: A Novel. In the late summer of 1999 in North Dakota, Landreaux Iron stalks a deer along the edge of his property. But when the deer springs away, Landreaux realizes he's hit, and killed, something else ““ that something being Dusty Ravich, his neighbour's five-year-old son. Horrified at what he's done, Landreaux turns to the sweat lodge, an Ojibwe tribe tradition, for guidance and following an ancient means of retribution he and his wife give their son, LaRose, to their grieving neighbours Peter and Nola Ravich. Nola dotes on LaRose, keeping her dark thoughts of suicide at bay, while the Ravich's eldest child, Maggie, welcomes him as a co-conspirator who can help ease her mother's terrifying moods. Over the years, LaRose is gradually allowed shared visits with his birth parents whose own sorrow mirrors that of the Ravich's, eventually becoming the linchpin that helps the two families begin to heal.  But when a vengeful man with a grudge against Landreaux begins hurling accusations of a cover-up the day Dusty died he threatens the tenuous peace that has held these two families together. Available May 10.

Imagine Me Gone
by Adam Haslett

In 1960s London, Margaret's fiancé, John, is hospitalized for depression leaving her with the choice to back away from the suffering this may bring her or to carry on with their wedding plans despite what she now knows, ultimately choosing to marry him. Michael, their eldest son, is a brilliant, anxious music fanatic who chooses parody as his way of making sense of the world. Over the span of decades his younger siblings, Celia and Alec, struggle with their mother to care for Michael's increasingly troubled and precarious existence. Told in alternating points of view from all five members of the family, Imagine Me Gone touches on the poignancy of a mother's love for her children, the inescapable devotion siblings feel for one another and the legacy of a father's pain in the life of a family in a searing, gut-wrenching and often hilarious novel. Available May 3.