Nature nurture

In an effort to reconnect children with nature, one local school has gone to the birds. This past fall students at Fern Hill School, along with their families, attended a bird-banding workshop where they learned how to bird by ear, silhouette and behaviour and together were able to identify 33 different species.

GOODWILL: The Angel Project

What if you suffered a catastrophic injury or illness and were in long-term hospitalized care? It's difficult to imagine suffering an accident or illness so extreme as to result in living out your days hospitalized. But imagine for a moment you also were to spend that lifetime alone. Imagine you had no visitors to cheer your days. No visitors ever. A Burlington woman, Lisette Kingo, established The Angel Project with an objective to brighten the days of unfortunate people in this position.

Dogs of Oakville

Following the success of her first coffee table book, Dogs of Oakville, local artist and pet photographer Maria Bell has recently released the follow-up Dogs of Oakville, New Beginnings.