Pore perfect

Clinique's latest innovation in skincare technology, the Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush, revolutionizes the most important step in skin care: cleansing. Specifically designed to work in partnership with Clinique's custom 3-Step Skin Care System, the Sonic Brush uses an oval-shaped brush to allow targeted cleansing to hard to reach, contoured areas like around the nose. Two strengths of rounded bristles target the faces' varied needs with the pale green angled tip consisting of shorter, firmer bristles for areas that produce more oil, such as the t-zone, while the white bristles on the body are softer and less firm, designed for more delicate areas, like the cheeks. Combined with sonic vibrations, the brush loosens stubborn dirt and oil and the automatic self timer automatically turns the brush off after 30 seconds, the appropriate amount of usage for most skin types starting, and can later be ramped up to one minute. Available for $95 with replacement brush heads available for $29 each.