See the Big Picture

The Big Picture Gala is one of Sheridan College’s premiere fundraising events celebrating outstanding education, people and achievement, and recognizing innovators in the arts, business, community services, and technology fields.

SCENE & HEARD: Who Doesn’t Love Cake?

Whether it's a birthday, holiday or just for dessert, most of us don't really need a reason to indulge in the baked and frosted deliciousness. And, our collective love of cakes has spawned an industry that's caught the attention of the reality television world.

Best for baby

The cure-all for your baby needs, Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care, a line of Canadian-made, fairtrade skincare products, helps with everything from stretch marks and restlessness, diaper rashes and colicky stomachs, teething pains and early signs of flexural eczema.

Kielburger keynote

Join grassroots, volunteer organization Oomama, one of more than 250 grandmother groups across Canada, as they welcome humanitarian and social activist Craig Kielburger to host Kids Who Care ““ Creating a Different World.