One of the most picturesque settings in the south of France proved to be memorable for artist David Peacock. “We were staying in France outside of Aix-en-Provence and we drove to Montagne Sainte-Victoire where Cézanne painted many, many times,” recalls Peacock. “It was a dramatic sight ““ it was wild and open and windy and stormy.”

ARTIST PROFILE: Katia Liberato Lemos

Ceramic artist Katia Liberato Lemos brings a touch of whimsy to her work.

Hold up one of Katia's bowls and you'll see a gardener sprinkling tiny red hearts from a watering can, on another she's hand-painted a girl at the beach with her blue dog and another has a bird perched on a woman's nest-like hair. Her multi-coloured creations: platters, bowls, mugs and vases, playfully pay tribute to wildlife like dragonflies, birds and bees.


John Koletic of Koletic Designs in Campbellville doesn't necessarily live on the edge, but his furniture is all about it.Koletic specializes in “live edge” furniture, notably dining room tables, coffee tables, desks and cabinets.